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Welcome to Riada American School

COVID-19 Announcement

Dear members of RAS community,
As the world faces a major health threat posed by the COVID-19 epidemic, we must reorient ourselves to deliver high quality education while taking steps to protect RAS students and staff,no matter how the threat of COVID-19 develops.
As you know, this past Saturday the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi suspended schools and universities in the ARE for two weeks.
We will continue to update you with the latest news and we will always base our decisions on the information available from the government and the MOE in this rapidly evolving situation, recognizing the need for timely notifications.
All of this uncertainty poses challenges, and we will strive to communicate plans and decisions promptly and transparently.

Please read the following carefully

School Campus:
• The school is open daily. As directed, all employees and staff will maintain reduced work schedules from 9:00 am -1:00 pm until further notice.
• Intensive sanitization and cleaning measures are being thoroughly carried out throughout the school building.

Home-based Learning (HBL)
RAS administration made the decision to move to an online teaching environment.
Effective March 22nd, all classes will shift to a remote learning format.
• Classes will be remotely delivered according to home-based learning schedules that will be posted tomorrow on PowerSchool. The decision to start remote learning classes next week was driven by the need to give our faculty and students the time necessary to prepare. The purpose of the home classroom timetables is to set the daily expected learning sessions for various subjects and indicate contact time when teachers are available for live student-interaction, questions, and feedback.
• Please note that students C.W. and attendance grades will be based on their logging in and participation in the Google Classroom sessions as per grade schedules. The same applies to grades of H.W., quizzes, and projects assigned and submitted on due dates.
• The learning management system (LMS), Google Classroom, will be used for all grades PreK-12. Our curricular online resources, such as Think Central, RAZ kids, Collections, Alpha, My HRW will be integrated into the LMS. On as needed basis or in case the temporary school closure is extended, recorded videos and live videoconferencing sessions (approximately once per week) to allow discussions will be implemented using Google Hangouts or Google Meet.
• In preparation for this move, Google accounts for each student have been created.
• Tomorrow on PowerSchool, you will find an announcement with a sheet with the log-in information for each class, and a tutorial and instructions on how to access and use Google Classroom.
• Tomorrow, we will email student invites to the newly created Google e-mail accounts to so that students may accept and join teachers’ classes. Students will experiment with their teachers on trial (Ungraded) assignments for the rest of this week.
• MOE subjects (Arabic, Religion, and N.S.) will follow the MOE’s instructions in terms of accessing the MOE website and TV channels. Assignments and relevant information will be posted on Google Classroom for these lessons.
• Quarter 3 study guides will be posted on PowerSchool for each grade level. If school resumes after two weeks of school closure, Quarter 3 exams will be held during the week of Sunday, March 29th through Thursday, April 2nd. If the closure is extended, a decision regarding Quarter 3 exams will be made and you will be informed as such.

Collecting Textbooks/Workbooks from lockers and/or classrooms
Parents/students are required to come to school between 9:00 am - 1:00 pm according to the schedule below to collect needed textbooks and workbooks that may be at school in lockers or in classrooms. In case of siblings in different grades, parents may collect all materials in one visit.
• Tuesday, March 17th: Grades 1,4,7,10
• Wednesday, March 18th: Grades 2,5,8,11, Pre-K
• Thursday, March 19th: Grades 3,6,9,12, K

For safety and hygiene, please make your visits are brief and to the point. In case of any problems regarding collecting books, please call the school for help on 03-4279212

Tuition Fees:
A kind reminder that the second installment of the school fees should be paid as soon as possible. If the payment is not made by Sunday, March 22nd, the school regrets informing you that further measures will be taken.

In Closure
These are for virtually all of us unprecedented circumstances. We are buoyed as we address these circumstances by the values and commitment of our school community, our belief in our mission, the unwavering commitment, compassion and support of our staff and parents ,and our undiminished optimism regarding our school continuing to provide extraordinary opportunities for learning and discovering as we address the challenges of our world. Stay safe everyone!

With warm regards and gratitude,

Gihan Holayel
School Principal
Riada American School